Friday, November 16, 2007

Why do you learn Korean? 왜 한국어를 배우세요?

여러분 잘 있었어요? 공부가 잘 돼 가고 있죠? ^^
Our second podcast is out! You can download it from the link below or click on the "Subscribe to podcasts in a reader" link to subscribe to the podcasts through iTunes or another reader.

Listen to podcast #2


Berkeley Korean said...

There is also a great webpage for language identity and multilingulism.

You can find a written version of Dave's story in this page. :)

Berkeley Korean said...
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Berkeley Korean said...

The songs we played in this episode are:

1) 안녕하세요-삐삐밴드
2) 우리나라 좋은나라 (동요, children song)
3) 넌 내게 반했어-노브레인

What a coincidence! "정말 우연이네요!"

Jenny said...

This was my favorite of the podcasts so far. I could really relate a lot to Dave's story, and it is totally inspiring as a beginner to Korean to hear a non-native speak so well. Keep up the podcasts, they're great.

Jennifer Shankey