Tuesday, October 30, 2007

가을, 10월의 마지막 밤

가을입니다. 가을이야기 들어보실래요?
We welcome your feedback and comments. Let us know how you liked this podcast. Do you have any questions about vocabulary and expressions? We have answers. :) ^^ ㅎㅎ

Listen to Podcast #1


Berkeley Korean said...

이 그림 너무 예쁘죠? 이 그림은 여기에서 http://forum.kita.net/blogdata/userdata/user_E/eurekajuly/post_2661.jpg 왔습니다. ^^

Jibril said...

우와~ 팥캐스트가 너무너무 재미있었네요.

It's good to have found a podcast with natural conversation. Although I didn't understand all of it, I enjoyed hearing about 시월의 마지막 밤.

The rap was wonderful too. Haha, it was very unexpected.

Berkeley Korean said...

The rap we play at the end of the episode is made with the beat by Mac Bre.

The two songs we play in this episode are 잔향 by 김동률 and 잊혀진 계절 by 이용.

vangelicmonk said...

That is interesting. I'm not a Berkeley student, but trying to learn hangukmul on my own. This can be one more piece in helping me. The music was interesting except for the last hip hop song. I'm sorry all Korean hip hop I've heard so far is gay like most hip hop is now days.

korean1axrocksmysocks said...

버크리의 하늘이 안보요...요...? 구름 노무 마나요. 김민숙 선생님 파이팅!!

Jibril said...

I have a question, it's 10월의 마지막 밤, right? I'm trying to practice by transcribing things, but there are lots of times when I'm not sure if the pronunciation differs from the spelling.

Also, when using 보다 to make a suggestion like "잘 들어봐" from the rap, should it be written it 들어봐 or 들어 봐?

Thank you!

Berkeley Korean said...

You have to write 들어 봐.

Anonymous said...

annyunghaseyo ^^

Im trying to learn Korean myself .. :D:D but it is really hard myself :( ..

but thats great .. really great ..




eugene chinveeraphan said...

very interesting!! although, once the deep voiced man started singing, my face became like this: -_-;;
I enjoyed listening to the conversations though! Keep up the good work!!!

Berkeley Korean said...
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